Best Printer Under 15000 in India 2020 For Home & Office Use

Our Top 3 Picks

Premium range of printers offers a huge number of advantage with productivity by enhanced printing speed, impressive quality, higher resolution and many other factors. Lots of people opt for the purchase of premium range printers because they are great in term of effectiveness and you can rely on them without a single issue.

From Canon to Brothers, there are plenty of manufacturers available with great brand credibility, impressive after sale services, different types of printer and positive reviews. However, choosing the best one is subjective because it depends upon your major need. So, we are here to put at ease in front of you by mentioning the top 4 printers under rupee 15000 for home use.  

As we are mentioning these products, you may think that we are sponsored but we aren’t. You can check products, their features and reviews to ensure that why we are going with such models over other ones. 

Top 4 Best Printers Under 15000 Rupees

No doubt that 15,000 Rupees isn’t a small budget. You can avail pretty impressive deals for such price point that’s why we opted for premium brands with premium after sale services. Let’s begin by checking out our top pick of choice and then move on to the rest products –

#1 Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer

Having an all-in-one printer can help you save money from the purchase of scanners externally that’s why we love Epson EcoTank L3150 Wi-Fi All-in-One Ink Tank Printer as our top pick. It can scan, copy and print because it has a flawless mechanism to rely on. It has the ink tank with mono and colour output option that you can rely on upon without a single issue. The key features are –

  • Smart Connectivity features like Wifi, App, and USB for PC/Mac. 
  • Printing speed is 33 B&W pages per minute and 15 Color pages. 
  • Page size supported by this Printer is A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, D Land many more.
  • Offer intense print resolution of 5760 x 1440 DPI giving great quality. 
  • Comes with one year of warranty or 30,000 Pages (Whichever comes first).
  • Reliable for long term printing at home or small enterprises. 

Having said that, the quality is always the primary factor. It has an impressive built quality which gives you the premium in-hand feel to rely on that’s why you can say that it is a great choice for the lower price point. Keep it in mind that the design is necessary to look after. It is not that compact but you will feel at ease during the use that’s why you can go with this product over the selection of any other.

#2 HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer

Laser Printers have a great brand value in the market and you can find that they are highly reliable with a slightly expensive print point. As this laser printer is offered by HP, we can trust on the after-sale services and such other factors. The built quality is premium and HP Laserjet Pro M1136 Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer has a number of positive reviews about the effective working. 

  • Get monochrome prints with a speed of 18 pages in one minute.
  • Print on both side of the page in a single go which reduces the cluster.
  • It supports the page size of A4, A5, B5, C5, C6, DL and postcard also. 
  • With the higher speed, it is ideal for home and small enterprises. 
  • It has the duty cycle of 8000 pages per month making it highly reliable. 
  • Good to go for small offices mainly but can be used in school and home. 

With such a number of prints in a single day, you can effectively get the work done. The price is also affordable and you are getting an All-in-One product for such a low price point. The only issue is, you can’t get color prints which are possible with our top pick that’s why we are not putting it on the top place. In other manners, it can easily fulfill the same need and offer you great results.

#3 HP 410 All-in-One Ink Tank Wireless Color Printer

Next in the lineup is also from HP which is highly reputed in the market and loved for effective working. There is no way that you can face a single issue during the use of this Printer. This product is a smaller version of our second product but it has all the feature with a slight difference in built quality. Well, you can’t notice a big difference that’s why it is a great choice for the price.

  • Inkjet printer with less maintenance cost and cheaper ink replacements.
  • Printing speed is quite genuine where you get 7.5 Black and White, 4.5 Color prints in one minute. 
  • Ideal usage of this Printer is for Home because of slow printing speed.
  • DPI offered by this Printer is 4800 x 1200 which makes the prints rich in colours. 
  • The duty cycle of this Printer is 1000 pages in one month and if you exceed, the warranty will be void.

Having said that, you may be thinking whether to buy or not? Well, if you look at effective working and great built quality then you can say that this is one of the reliable products to opt for. The design is absolutely compact with wireless printing features and you can keep it on the desktop table. The electricity consumption and ink cartridge cost seem a bit expensive else than any other factor so you can rely on it.  

#4 HP 1020 Plus Single Function Monochrome Laser Printer

One of the widely sold Monochrome laser printer that you can find in almost every second home is HP 1020 plus. It is a single function printer which is known for great speed, effective working and cheaper cartridge cost. It can give black and white prints only but the quality will be remarkably good that’s why you can find it as the better choice.  The features offered by the manufacturer in this product are –  

  • Comes with the USB power connectivity feature to attach with Windows and Mac. 
  • It can give you 14 pages per minute with the lowest printing cost of 1.4 Rs per print. 
  • Support the page size of A4, A5, A6, B5, C5, DL, postcards and Duplex Print.
  • It has a compatible laser toner for smooth printing and giving great quality.
  • The duty cycle of this Printer is 5,000 pages per month that’s reliable for home use.

So, this is our last pick as the top monochrome Printer for home use. You can rely on this product for effective working. The only issue is, it seems a bit expensive as compared to the other choices that’s why you can opt for others. For reliability and effective working, you can easily bet on this Printer and get a huge number of advantages without any issue. 

Things to Consider while Buying Printers under 15000  

Are you looking for the best printer for small businesses under 15000 or you need to replace an old model with a new advanced model? No matter for what purpose, but you need to keep a few things in your mind while purchasing a new printer. The budget is one of the crucial ones. In this case here, we are discussing the best printers under 15000. If you don’t possess the in-depth knowledge about the modern and advanced technology of the printers, you should abide by a simple buying guide so that you can choose the best out of all. Here are some simple tips you can follow to judge any printer.  

  • The type of printer  

Printers come in many different types. The main difference between these different types is in printing technology. The main two types that are used widely for both business and household purposes are the inkjet printers and laser printers. Both are equally famous and convenient with their unique qualities.  

Firstly, you should be clear about the purpose of buying the printer. Whether you need it for educational purposes only or you are going to need it for dynamic purposes. Consider the fact, if you need more of the colored prints or you only need monochrome text and images. So, for basics, if you are up to more colorful works to do, then you should go for the inkjet printers. And if you are looking for only black and white prints, then you better go for laser printers.  

  • Rate per Print  

Most people buy printers to avoid the recurring cost of going out every time for every small document and spend a lot of money in the print shops. So, if you are also looking for such cost-cutting, then you must keep the per page expenditure for printing to your consideration.  

The cost of printing includes the recurring cost of refilling the ink or toner whatever your printer needs. Toners are expensive than inks. The page yield refers to the capability of the amount of printing with a full bottle of ink or toner. This feature helps you determine the per-page cost of printing.  

  • Spare Parts  

The spare parts of the printer also play an important role as the refills. Check if all the spare parts of the printer are easily available in the market. After a certain usage, your printer will start giving you some trouble. And if you don’t get the right spare parts, your printer can become useless.  

  • Speed  

The speed of printing is another important thing to consider while buying a printer. The speed refers to the number of pages a printer can print in a minute. In this case, laser printers stay ahead of the inkjet printers. The laser printers are much can produce more prints in one minute.  

  • Functions  

Most of the advanced printers these days come with multiple functionalities other than just printing. Printers are now equipped with features of scanning and making photocopies of documents. You can also consider the duplex printing feature in the best multifunction printers under 15000.  

  • Connectivity Sources  

Connectivity should also be on your priority list. Every printer comes with a level of connectivity modes, i.e., USB, memory card, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc. Some of the modern printers also can be accessed remotely through specific applications in your mobile phones. It is needless to say that the wireless sources of connectivity are more convenient. So, see if your printer has both wired and wireless connectivity options.  

  • Print Resolution  

Last but not least, on this list is the printing quality. This is again one of the most crucial aspects of your printer. The resolution is measured in DPI, which means in simple words Dots Per Inch. Under the budget of 15000 rupees, you will be able to get a high enough resolution for your prints. The greater DPI means better print quality.  

The Final Verdict 

During the selection of the best one, you should know about the manufacturer, a duty cycle, effective working, reviews and all the rest of the features offered by the manufacturer. Even, the warranty is necessary to factor to look after. Hope, this guide will help you choose the right Printer and grabbing great deals under the budget of 15,000 rupees.

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