InPEC Anniversary: Today is InPEC’s First Birthday

One year ago on an October morning InPEC went live. What began as a forum for discussing international politics evolved into a platform for bringing contributors together from across the world. During this period we have published 128 articles from 33 different authors. Thank-you all for making this possible and for your continued participation in the InPEC project. We have reached our first milestone and hope to have many more.

InPEC has been mentioned on international news networks and has gained world exclusives. Hopefully this is only the start. Yesterday we had our 40,000th hit on the site. Here is to making the coming year even more successful.

Thanks from all of us here at InPEC

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  1. My best wishes to InPEC. May in the time to come it becomes a powerful medium for millions to read views of intellectual giants from all over the world

    Mahendra Kumawat Distinguished Visitor, ORF

  2. Tamara said:

    amazing! Always offers good and current readings!

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